I can help you...

Receive quick resolution to technology problems

Need immediate on-site help? Call (860) 301-7019 any time. Many problems and projects can be handled over the phone.

Make sense of new technologies

New operating systems, the cloud, new home security and home automation technologies. Get the research and information you need to move forward.

Upgrade your home/office computers and equipment

Getting a new computer is just the beginning. You may want to get your new computer working like a computer you've been using for years. Getting all your applications reinstalled and moving over your browser favorites can help you feel right at home with your new computer.

Improve your networking capabilities and security

Is your wireless network not working the way you want it to work? Perhaps you need some new wiring to help your computers and tablets work the way in which they are intended. Safeguard your wireless network or open up a portion of it for your guests or neighbors.

Design websites and marketing materials for your business

If you have an idea for a new website or want to update what you already have, there are streamlined solutions to help you accomplish just that. Spread the word with brochures, post cards and other marketing materials. Get search engine optimization done so your business has better placement in search engines.

Consolidate your photos and music to make them more accessible

Merge all those old photos into a manageable digital album that you can take with you. Get all your music in one place and play it anywhere you go. Get old photos, slides and negatives scanned, retouched and organized into digital photo albums.

Improve your home theater experience

Simplify the way you watch TV and stream movies. Upgrade your audio experience. Get help with that new TV you've been wanting to buy.

Install security cameras, automation equipment and technologies

Monitor your home. Automate your lights and thermostats. Set up family location sharing. The newest technologies await you and you may be surprised about what is now possible and affordable.